Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well Hello My old Friend......

Well it's sure good to see you again!

Where have I been! I have neglected this sad little blog!
It's been a crazy, lazy, hot summer! And it's time to get back in a routine!

Here's what the Nelson's were up to since the last time I blogged!:

Paul went to Disneyland with us!!! We had a great time! And the girls loved having Daddy around! (me too!)

Riley and Taylor had their birthdays! Riley is now 6 and Taylor is 3!! My babies are getting big!!

I went and saw GLEE Live in Concert at Universal Studios with my sister Gabby and friend Angela. It was awesome. I sang, I danced. and we LAUGHED! "I don't think Amish people fly!"

Paul surprised me for my birthday at took me to Disneyland!! I have spent my last three birthdays at Disneyland, I hope to continue the tradition! We even stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel and it was Awesome! Gotta have a Monte Cristo Sandwich while at Disneyland. And I beat Paul at Toy Story Mania. He claims he had a faulty trigger...yeah right!

We had a nice evening with our friends and our kids got to ride horses and see cows and chickens. My picture of Hunter didn't turn out. Riley had a great time and keeps asking when we can go back!

Riley "graduated" from Kindergarten. It was a nice short and simple graduation. And she was super cute doing all of her songs and movements.

**As a side note - Paul was gone for the end of May and beginning of June. He was able to go to Mesquite and golf for three days. Then he helped Brent drive from Washington D.C. to Yuma and in the process had some of the best BBQ he's ever had in Nashville. Then he spent a week in Salinas for work (and also did a little golfing) and ending up with one more two day golfing trip to San Diego. Of course there are no pictures because he's a man and doesn't take any.
The New York Yankees were playing the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix and we were able to get tickets and go see them play. It was really exciting to see Hunter get to watch players he's been watching for years on TV play live. The Yankees lost the game, but game back and beat the D-Backs in the next two nights.
Riley lost two teeth, which still have yet to come in!!
We had some fun cousin time!!! FRICKIN' FAMILY FUN TIME DANG IT!!!

I made some really big cookies, that have brownies in the middle. Yes, they were big. Yes, they were good. Yes, I ate more than one!

We went to Flagstaff with Paul's family and enjoyed a quick trip to cool weather. We didn't really enjoy the "quick" trip to the hot Grand Canyon, but it really is a sight to see. Maybe when I don't have small children we'll have to go back. There are NO RAILINGS people!!

I was lucky to get the chance to attend a 3 day music workshop in LA and had a great time singing a bunch of new music with a bunch of random music teachers. We also had a choreography day and I had FUN!! And I got to come home with all of this music...for FREEEEE!!!

We closed out our summer with our yearly trip to Carlsbad. WE LOVE IT THERE! I hate the beach, but love the relaxing, laid back attitude of Carlsbad. And of course, they have a Hot Dog On A Stick nearby! and that Never hurts!
Riley and Taylor got their end of summer/school starts haircuts. It was really sad to see all of Taylor's long curls drop to the floor, but she loves it and its easy to take care of!

Grandma and Grandpa's pool FINALLY got fixed! It was being repaired for most of the summer, but we got a good 4 days worth of swimming before school started. Riley has completely stopped using a life vest and swims really well on her own. Hunter is crazier than ever off the diving board, and I have to learn to calm down. Taylor will finally stick her head in the water, but only when she wants to. So hopefully next year's swimming lessons won't be such a pain like this summer's lessons were!

And the end of summer, beginning of the new school year. My 3rd grader and my 1st grader!!! And Taylor started pre-school 2 days a week!! Yipee for me!! And I cut down to only teaching one day of lessons!

I spent the last day reading Mockingjay. I liked it.

And Paul....well, I said good-bye to him this week. We won't be seeing much of him around here anymore. It's gonna be sad for us all. But hey that's what happens when you're a Produce Widow. Transplants start on Saturday and that's the beginning of the next 8 months!! It's a good thing he LOVES his job!!! We'll see him in April, and we'll pray for good weather and hope that the markets are good. So lots of Produce this winter!!! :-)


Carolina said...

What an action packed and fun summer! The kids are growing up! Everyone looks great! :)

Amber said...

Yay for you blogging again. And based on what you just said, you will now have a few hours of kid-free time each week to continue bloggin. Right? I need to be able to keep up on your life!!

Chredna said...

it's about time taded!!!!! love the pics!

Rob said...

Cookies with brownies in the middle? Can you say "care package"?

Sarah Blue said...

That was a great update!

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Susan said...

This is officially one year old. What is going on in your life NOW?

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