Friday, July 20, 2012

Young Women Planners 2012-2013

Last Year I made my Young Women an academic planner because, well, I LOVE planners! I figured they should love planners as well.  I made them on a whim and as it turns out they LOVED them.  As their calendar started to end this month, they were all asking me if they were getting a new planner for this upcoming school year.  I had honestly decided not to make them this year, but since quite a few of their girls wanted one, and I can't say no or disappoint them, I set to work, yesterday! So after sitting at the computer for most of Thursday and Friday, its DONE!

I wanted to share with you what I did! Its a simple format and is ready in booklet form to be printed.  Now to warn you, unless you have a good printer and very few YW (I have 26), this isn't exactly a cost effective project.  I priced them out last year at Staples and they were going to cost me over $10 a planner to be printed and spiral bound.  LUCKILY, we have a great copy guy in town who charged me less than $2.00 a planner...for the SAME thing that Staples did!

So here are some sample pages of the Planner:

Cover Page

Inside Front Cover

Monthly Page

Weekly Page

Scripture Mastery Page
 (also includes a box so they can check off which ones they have memorized and passed off)


Personal Progress Goal Reminder List

 Notes Pages

We had a special YW Combined Activity and spoke all about setting goals and keeping them.  We also talked a bit about HOW to use a planner.  Another thing that I wanted to hit on, since it was the beginning of the school year, was the importance of Education, Studying, and being organized in school, as well as the importance of good friends, and the opportunity of a fresh start!

 I love fresh starts!

Here is a link to download the PDF:



scraprkidz said...

Love it! Would you be willing to share your files? I hate to reinvent the wheel. I make calendars for the leaders.

PEHNelson said...

Do you want more than the PDF? Let me know exactly what you would like. :)

scraprkidz said...

PDF would be great. If you have them in word/excel format too. So I could use them year after year. Not sure what format you created these in. I wish I knew how to make those myself.
Thanks so much!!

scraprkidz said...

Thanks so much for posting the link!!

Rob and Katie said...

Six months without a post and THIS is what we get? Day planner pages? Step away from the Pinterest. I hope life is just to fun to waste time on blogging. Knowing you, it probably is.

Alex Reillo said...

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stryckerstories said...

I make calendars for the YW leaders as well and would LOVE the Pdf file....if you can

rannmay said...

Hi I really think this is uber nice. :) But I can't seem to download it.

rannmay said...
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